Apr 15

posted at 2:33 pm

Filming with Corinne Felgate for Town Hall Hotel

I’ve been really lucky to meet Corinne Flegate while filming at Town Hall Hotel. We have been filming a seres of videos for them featuring commons of her art work. It’s been really great to collaborate with an artist and work on videos together you can see the all the videos on Town Hall Hotel You Tube channel.
The first video features a seres of ‘pisstings’ titled Dirty Little East End Secrets. The art is constructed on very expensive crushed cotton paper and then the urine is slowly and meticulously coved in goal leat.
I produced a video documenting the making of these in the hotel. Whats really interesting is how Corinne works with different materials to bring her sculptures to life. She used £500 pounds of gold leaf to create these striking reflective pieces of art that help aluminate the space. The Video can be found here.

There are another three videos coming out featuring the other installations for the hotel. They will all be hosted on my site. We are also working on anther project that will be coming out next month. This video will be about her artists residency in france Mason Salvadore. The first episode of this will be published here this month.