Corporate Video Production

Logan has been working as a corporate video producer in London and abroad for the last 6 years. Logan will take a client’s brief and deliver a script, working closely with his client to create a storyboard that delivers the results they are looking for. Logan handles all aspects of the process from pre-production, scripting and budget planning through to sourcing locations, camera crew, presenters and equipment. In the final post production stages he handles the editing of the film which include graphics, music, soundtracks and voiceovers.

Examples of my work



Working closely with clients

Logan has worked for a broad range of clients including the Unlisted Collection; producing videos for their channels and interviews with a range of staff including housekeeping and concierge to boost their online profile and help describe different areas of their business.

Working closely with clients to take a strategic approach to producing digital content, Logan approaches his corporate videos in a very similar way to his editorial videos; making them engaging, shareable and adding value to the brand. Working from a commercial brief in parallel with his clients he produces dynamic videos. Frequently these are giving detailed information to employees or clients about specific aspects of their business, therefore attending to detail of the content is extremely important.

Explaining how various aspects of a company works while making it engaging is a key directive for Logan. Logan also does his commercial videography in London for clients like Mercury Home Search who source commercial real estate and high end luxury homes in London. With this front to back production of video, scripting and directing, he helps his clients’ communicate in a concise way with engaging content that is relevant and relatable to the band.

Working with PR agencies

Logan often collaborates with PRs to produce corporate videos. Logan produced a series of videos for Dr. Sarah Tonks for the launch of some new treatments at Omniya London. When working with PRs Logan has to work closely with their client too in order to maintain their identity, keep on brand and consider the context and application of the video.

This is the same with all Logan’s commercial work, including videos shot for Sole Trader, which involved interviews with influencers on location, and for Morgans Hotel, where he created video for the food and beverage department. Style, communication and consideration to the corporate brand is at the forefront of production. For Logan there are several key points on being a successful corporate videographer.

  • Content is key. When it comes to producing corporate and commercial videos the content is right at the heart of things. Frequently you are delivering facts that need to be correctly interpreted and explained.
  • Production and quality. The brief enables Logan to find out what the client is expecting. Are they looking for an edgy, editorial style video or a sleek presenter driven production? Understanding the audience and the aims helps to deliver a high quality finished product.
  • Strong communication. Getting a tight brief from the client and explaining how the the video will be used. A workable script that fits in with their output time. The elements they want documented and what they are trying to say with the video. This also apples to video content for commercial clients. A rough edit can help establish that you are working in the right direction.
  • Being able to work to tight deadlines. This is imperative for commercial and corporate work. Logan always assesses your deadlines before accepting a commission.
  • Development and improvement. Logan always strives to develop and improve from each job. This can involve usding different bits of kit, experimenting with a range of lenses, tracks and setups. Logan likes to get analytical and reassess how the video can be improved, as there is always room for improvement.
  • Always give 100%. A given, for any project.

Professional corporate video production

Working with a database of professional contacts and trusted partners, you can rely Logan to produce a high quality video to your deadline and specifications. This can be delivered across all platforms to ensure you get exactly what you require from the production.
Whether you need compelling digital content for social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, or you’re looking to get videos published in the media for extra exposure, Logan’s productions are the perfect way to do it.

Get in contact

Logan is renowned for high quality videos and photograph. He works with clients around the world and loves to discuss projects so don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact form. If you’re looking to work with a skilled corporate video producer in London, Logan will be more than happy to help.